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Design and Build

LWE has been a leader in the Northern Utah design build sector for many years. We know details about pricing and design of electrical systems that most electrical contractors cannot match. Our greatest strengths in the design build process are the members of our team. The experience in design and pricing of electrical systems has been utilized to create a top-notch team that can compete with and succeed against any competitor in the market.

We are experts in Value Engineering. While many competitors can give only basic cost saving ideas, we have the experience to see the electrical system in many different ways. This experience enables us to find places to save money and also advise the owner on where their money is best spent. Our clients come to LWE when they need the best system designed in the most efficient way.

Thermal Infrared Imaging

LWE provides troubleshooting and preventative maintenance through the use of our high end Thermographic Imaging equipment. This enables us to provide our customers with information about their electrical systems that greatly surpasses what can be seen with the naked eye or even metering equipment.

We have been able to save our customers thousands of dollars through our preventative maintenance programs. Our Infrared Imaging Programs include detailed reports of what was found and recommendations on how to fix any problems encountered. We can work with any customer to find a solution to fit your needs.

Medium Voltage Work

LWE has comprehensive experience with Medium Voltage Systems and installations. We employ electricians experienced with terminations, switchgear, underground/duct banks, and overhead cabling. We are also capable and experienced with the design-build process involving substations and cabling systems. We maintain all of the necessary equipment for the complete testing of medium voltage systems. We are experts in cable testing, transformer oil samples, and switchgear testing and maintenance. Our extensive experience in the field of medium voltage electrical installations truly sets us apart from other electrical contractors.


LWE has completed many commercial and retail projects for multiple national and multi-national customers. We have a vast array of experience and an extremely qualified staff for any commercial or retail project. Our list of completed projects includes government and high end LEED projects that utilize the latest technology to produce the most efficient electrical systems available.

We pride ourselves on detail. Nowhere is this more visible than projects that are in the public eye. From restaurants to sporting goods stores, LWE can provide the meticulous attention to detail that a job in the eye of the public demands. Our goal is to provide our customers with a product that can be admired both by the average customer and our competitors.


LWE has been involved in many projects that cover a wide spectrum of industrial processes. We have the ability to provide high-end installation that meets the functionality requirements for any type of industrial application. Our attention to detail and experience in running rigid conduit in difficult areas can make your system look and function much better than most would anticipate.

We also have extensive experience in Clean Room Construction. We have the ability and experience to provide electrical systems for cleanroom environments of any category. We have long time customers that trust our knowledge of cleanroom construction for items as critical as medical devices. Our track record shows that we can provide the electrical installation in a clean room to suit the needs of anyone.

Site Lighting and Utilities

LWE maintains more equipment for excavation and utility conduit installation than almost any electrical contractor in Northern Utah. We have the ability to complete an entire site electrical system without using subcontractors. Our electricians are experts in concrete work and light pole base installation.

Our customers have enjoyed the benefit of our meticulous attention to detail on layout and installation of site lighting. This has resulted in site lighting projects that everyone involved can be proud of. Because of the fleet of equipment that we maintain, we have the ability to do any size of job possible.

New Construction Residential

LWE has completed many large custom homes. We have been able to introduce modern technology into our designs that greatly enhances the functionality, usability, and efficiency of the electrical system in these homes. Most likely, if someone can think of something they want to happen electrically, it can be done with the control systems on the market today. We have worked, since inception, with some of the high end residential control systems available. Without hesitation, we can say that a home wired by LWE is of the highest quality.


LWE has provided the electrical systems for virtually every kind of warehouse imaginable. Our experience in warehouse lighting and power distribution is unsurpassed. We maintain a fleet of scissor lifts that will accommodate almost any height of warehouse. Our input on the design of lighting control systems and motion sensors has saved our customers thousands of dollars.

We have had the opportunity to provide electrical systems for any type of business. We have been involved in projects ranging from high volume distribution facilities for multinational corporations to parts warehouses for small businesses. We can provide an electrical system for any type of warehouse a customer could need.


LWE has a service department that is second to none. We have electricians with extensive troubleshooting skills that are able to diagnose a problem, and repair it in a timely manner. Our service vehicles carry a variety of parts, and all of the tools necessary to handle any job. We take great pride in our work, and it will show in your home or business.

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